Tuan M. Lai
PhD Candidate
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)


UIUC - Graduate Coursework

  • [CS447] Natural Language Processing
  • [CS512] Data Mining Principles
  • [CS547] Deep Learning
  • [CS598] Information Extraction and Knowledge Acquisition
  • [CS546] Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing

Purdue University - Graduate Coursework

  • [BIOL563] Protein Bioinformatics
  • [ECE600] Random Variables and Signals
  • [CS502] Compiling and Programming Systems
  • [CS514] Numerical Analysis
  • [CS515] Numerical Linear Algebra
  • [CS529] Security Analytics
  • [CS536] Data Communication and Computer Networks
  • [CS573] Data Mining
  • [CS578] Statistical Machine Learning
  • [CS580] Algorithm Design, Analysis, And Implementation
  • [CS590] AI Meets Sustainability

KAIST - Graduate Coursework

  • [CS570] Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • [KSE525] Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery